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09 November 2020

Among the many things Australians have learnt this year is the pleasure and privilege of living in a well-equipped home.

No longer simply a place to rest and retreat, home is now the place many of us work full-time, virtually socialise, and exercise – and savvy apartment developers are taking notice.

One of most sought-after amenities in new apartment buildings are concierge services, as seen in the premium Melbourne development The International Brighton.

The concierge’s sole purpose is to support and enrich residents’ lives, by undertaking tasks such as collecting deliveries (which are safely stored in residents’ valet pods), liaising with tradespeople, arranging dry cleaning, car washing, and booking appointments on their behalf.

The concierge can also organise use of the building’s private office spaces, which is especially valuable for those working from home.

Another drawcard of The International Brighton are the high-end kitchens – part of the luxury interior scheme designed by leading architect Sue Carr. Highlights include Gaggenau appliances including wine fridges, butler’s pantries with secondary dishwashers, natural stone island benchtops up to eight metres in length and generous dining areas.

This investment in kitchen design reflects the growing consumer interest in home cooking and entertaining across the country.

“People are taking the money they might have spent on a two-week overseas holiday and are investing it into the other 50 weeks of the year by updating their home,” says creative director at Olio Interiors Andrea Higgs.

Interior designer Jane Thomson has witnessed this shift firsthand, most notably in a recent project that saw most of the $70,000 furniture budget reallocated to the kitchen.

“People have always been open to spending more on a well-crafted kitchen, but now even more so,” she says. “Recently I’ve noticed requests for better bench space, cantilevered benches to accommodate seating, and eating areas built into the kitchen island.”

With health and safety still a concern in public spaces, designers say the interest in home cooking and entertaining will only increase as a result of the pandemic.

“I feel COVID has changed the way we look at our homes and our lifestyles in general forever,” says Naomi Brand, interior stylist and founder of Brand Collective Property Styling.

“Overall, I feel our eyes were opened to the beauty in our homes, and it pushed us to make the changes required so that we could enjoy every space now and for years to come.”

This sentiment is echoed by interior designer Tennille Joy from Tennille Joy Interiors. “We know that we need four walls and a roof to survive but to feel at our best, we know that colour and the way we arrange our space is so transformative,” she says.

“We’ve had a lot of time to think about how we live and how we would like to secure that feeling of being protected.”

Another area predicted to experience an uptick in consumer investment is outdoor spaces.

“Outdoor areas are a feature Australians especially will never overlook again,” Brand says. “The secret is making these spaces welcoming and comfortable through the use of textures, lighting and materials.”

Outdoor areas have been carefully considered at The International Brighton, which encompasses 870 square metres of communal space including a rooftop garden with expansive views of Port Phillip Bay and the Melbourne CBD.

“Our purchasers love the fact that they will be able to have their wine collection stored in the wine cellar room and arrange with the concierge for a function at the private dining room, where they can entertain their friends and family,” says Chad Arbid, senior director of residential projects Victoria at CBRE.

“After lunch or dinner, they can go to the rooftop terrace to watch the amazing views of our beautiful bay and city.”

$5,000 Hub Furniture Credit Each* Referral Offer Terms and Conditions

  1. The promoter is The International Brighton owned by L&V Development Partnership with registered address at Level 12, 41 Exhibition Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 (the Promoter).
  2. Only persons aged 18 years of age or older who signed a contract (which has settled or is due for settlement) to purchase an apartment from the Promoter (a Participant) are eligible to participate in the promotion described in these terms and conditions (the Promotion) and to receive the promotion reward described in paragraph 4 of these terms and conditions (the Promotion Reward).
  3. The terms and conditions of the Promotion are governed by the laws of the State of Victoria, Australia, and the Promoter, each Participant and each Prospective Customer (as defined below) irrevocably and unconditionally submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Victoria.
  4. The promotion reward is a $5,000 Hub Furniture credit which is applicable to full priced furniture and lighting only, not accessories (the Promotion Reward) available to each of:
    1. the Participant; and
    2. a friend or a family member of the Participant who is referred by the Participant to the Promoter during the Promotion Period (as defined below) if that friend or family member enters, within the Promotion Period, into a contract to purchase an apartment from the Promoter and settles on that contract (the Prospective Customer). A Participant can not refer themselves as the Prospective Customer.
  5. The Promotion commences at 9am on 1 November 2020 and closes at the earlier of 11.59pm on 28th February 2021 (Victorian time) or the sale of all apartments (the Promotion Reward). The Promoter may extend or shorten the Promotion Period at its sole discretion (the Revised Promotion Period). If extended or shortened, details of any Revised Promotion Reward will be posted online this website.
  6. References in these terms and conditions to the Promotion Period include any Revised Promotion Period, where applicable.
  7. Subject strict compliance with these terms and conditions, the Participant and the Prospective Customer will each receive the Promotion Reward within 130 days of settlement of the Contract depending on Hub Furniture order and delivery timeframes.
  8. For the Participant and the Prospective Customer to be eligible to receive the Promotion Reward, the following is required:
    1. the Participant must complete the referral nomination form with details of the Prospective Customer, and obtain consent of the Prospective Customer to inclusion of their details in the form, and submit the referral form to the Promoter in the Promoter’s Sales and Information Centre;
    2. the Prospective Customer must, within the Promotion Period, deliver a signed contract of sale for purchase of Applicable Land in the vendor’s standard form, and otherwise on terms and conditions acceptable to vendor and the Promoter in their absolute discretion;
    3. the Promoter, as the landowner, or the Promoter’s nominated landowner, as the vendor of the apartments, in its absolute discretion must accept the Prospective Customer’s offer to purchase the apartment and must sign and return to the vendor the contract in paragraph 8.a (a Contract); and
    4. the Prospective Customer must effect settlement of the Contract in accordance with its terms by the settlement date prescribed in the Contract.
  9. The Promoter reserves the right to withdraw the Promotion Reward, provided that a contract signed by the Prospective Customer has not been returned to the vendor (as contemplated at paragraph 8.c.
  10. The Promotion Reward is personal to the Participant and the Prospective Customer and the Participant and the Prospective Customer may not transfer or otherwise deal with its right to receive the Promotion Reward to any other person.
  11. The Promoter will not be obliged to pay the Promotion Reward if the Prospective Customer does not strictly satisfy the terms and conditions of the Contract. For example, the Participant and Prospective Customer will not be entitled to receive the Promotion Reward where settlement of the Contract does not occur by the date prescribed in the Contract due to the default of the Prospective Customer, or where the Prospective Customer does not proceed to settlement and nominates an alternative transferee to take title at settlement.
  12. By delivering to the Promoter a completed referral form in respect of the Prospective Customer, the Participant confirms that it is deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions. By delivering to the Promoter, or the relevant vendor, a signed Contract, the Prospective Customer confirms that it is deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.
  13. Failure by the Promoter to enforce any of its rights under these terms and conditions or a Contract does not constitute a waiver of those rights.
  14. There are only two Promotion Rewards for each apartment - that is, there are only two $5,000 Hub Furniture credits available for each apartment – one for a Participant, and one for a Prospective Customer. If the Prospective Customer for that lot is referred by more than one Participant, the Promoter will only be liable to provide one Promotion Reward to a Participant selected by the Promoter in their absolute discretion. If more than one Prospective Customer comprises the purchaser of the relevant lot, then one Promotion Reward will be delivered to one of the Prospective Customers, in the Promoter’s absolute discretion.
  15. Terms and conditions of the Promotion may change without notice. Details of updated terms will be posted on this website.
  16. Nothing in these terms and conditions is intended to exclude, restrict or modify rights which the Participant and/or Prospective Customer may have under any law (including the Australian Consumer Law) which may not be excluded, restricted or modified by agreement (‘Your Consumer Rights’). Subject to Your Consumer Rights, the Promoter is not liable for any loss or damage however caused (including by negligence), suffered or incurred in connection with the promotion or the Incentive. Any condition or warranty which would be implied by law into these terms and conditions is excluded.
  17. The Promoter is not liable for any loss or damage in connection with any failure to provide the Promotion Reward or to provide the Promotion Reward in accordance with these terms and conditions where such failure is due to: a. the act or omission of a third party; or 4 b. some other cause beyond the Promoter’s control, provided that the Promoter took reasonable precautions and exercised due diligence to avoid the failure.
  18. The Promoter is L&V Development Partnership ABN 50 245 282 327 with respect to the apartments at The International.

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