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Irrefutably one of the city’s - if not the country’s - most iconic Bayside suburbs, Brighton has forged its reputation on the fluency with which it collapses boundaries between natural and man-made beauty. Verdant with thick carpets of deep-emerald hued grass, veiled by canopies of lush treescapes and ahum with the soundtrack of the skirting coastline. These scenes of natural wonder are coupled with lavish images of beautifully-crafted yachts bobbing against the shore and the legacy of grand architecture defining streetscapes; setting the tone for the effortless grace with which the community can at once ooze a languid beachy-vibe, while continuing to articulate the well-heeled finesse synonymous to the postcode.




Royal Brighton Yacht Club

Kamesburgh Gardens

A Suburb Synonymous
with Unwavering Ease

Perhaps what distinguishes this acclaimed suburb above others, is the unparalleled and ever-growing list of amenities at hand to make life that little easier for the local community. Brighton also very much lends itself to an active, outdoor lifestyle, with St Andrew’s Tennis Club, Brighton Bowls Club, the Bay Trail and the iconic Brighton Baths all within minutes of The International.

Bay Trail

Brighton Baths

St Andrew’s Tennis Club

Brighton Bowls Club

Firbank Grammar School

North Brighton Train Station

Esteemed and
Well Connected

An attribute that places Brighton above the rest is its impressive collection of scholarly offerings. Some of Melbourne’s most esteemed institutes call the suburb home, including schools as prestigious as Brighton Grammar and Firbank. With all this within the realm of home, you’ll rarely feel the need to venture outward, though if you do, efficient and plentiful public transport ensures this couldn’t be an easier task. North Brighton Station is a mere 10-minute walk from the doorstep of The International, where a journey into the CBD is achievable in just 20-minutes. The 922 and 219 bus stops are also on your doorstep for easy journeys into St Kilda and Gardenvale respectively.

Cucina & Co

Culinary Composition,
Near and Far

Owed to the rich cultural and culinary traditions that long-before took root in the local community, Brighton’s foodie-scene continues to evolve at the same speed that has seen the city catapulted onto the world’s stage. With a signature binary-style of village and urban, the resident gastronomy atmosphere takes the best of old-world cuisine and translates it using distinctly modern techniques. The culmination being world-class dining-experiences that feel at once highly-stylised and yet accessible. Though considered institutions, local beacons such as The Pantry, Half Moon, Cucina & Co and Hellenic Republic can be trusted never to rest on their laurels; creating novel, mouthwatering menus that continue to both surprise and delight.

Mr & Mrs P

Buoy Cafe

Mr & Mrs P

Half Moon Hotel

Village Sentiments
with Global Flare

Though a mere 11kms from the CBD and all the conveniences that come with being on the doorstep of one of the most fashion-savvy cities in the world, Brighton comes steeped in its own legacy of sartorial-esteem. While the suburb might give off the impression of a village, behind the quaint facades you will find a trove of acclaimed brands that have chosen to call the Bayside hub home. A short stroll from home and you can find yourself lost among the billowing, silken dresses gracing the perfectly curated racks of Lee Mathews, or pulled into the pristine newly opened Scanlan Theodore showroom; where expertly primed assistants will glide your foot into a handmade Italian leather stiletto straight from the latest runway show. If it’s something a little more ‘ready-to-wear’ you’re hunting for however, fear not, Country Road is at hand with their signature, easy-wearing line of goodies for you, the kids and the home.






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