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From visionary design firm, Carr, The International has been crafted to both capture and emulate the intrinsic luxuries of its Bayside locale. Distinguished by architectural moments that orient aspects toward iconic bay views, these bold lines act as elegant framing devices that imbue interiors with scenes of natural beauty, while also articulating the motifs of distinct, enduring design at the heart of homes. Artful and deliberate against the fabric of its streetscape, The International seeks to establish a distinctly modern and yet utterly timeless legacy for Bayside living.

RESIDENTS’ ARRIVAL — Artist Impression

“A sense of place and luxury starts at the building's inception and is communicated through orientation, selection of materials, order and symmetry. With a deep commitment to the community and streetscape we’ve set out to create a Bayside urban sanctuary interlaid with robust greenery and landscaping.” Sue Carr Principal, Carr

Informed by the rich narrative of subliminal natural wonder as well as the pronounced contemporaneity of existing local fabric, The International presents as a robust architectural form that finds softness and nuance through the subtle use of organic materials. While a bold façade sculpturally offers a strong point of address to Bay Street, the punctuation of abundant glass portals, veils of greenery and recessed balconies works to achieve a sense of seductive harmony.

BAY STREET — Artist Impression

“Taking inspiration from abstract art, the guiding design principle for The International is one of robust and enduring materials; some heavily textured, such as the masonry facade, others worn smooth, in this case the metal work and others highly reflective, such as the glazing. Together this timeless palette speaks to coastal landscapes within the Bayside area.” Chris McCue Director of Architecture, Carr


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